1. Whirlpool Forst Free Dooble door Refrigerator
Shop Now Whirlpool Forst Free Dooble door Refrigerator online  under 30000 INR
Frost-Free Dual Door Refrigerator, Star Paired Door Refrigerator, Inverter Lined Double-Door Refrigerator!

Keep your fruits and vegetables fresh with 6th sense Deepfreeze expertise and chilling gel. This refrigerator circulates airflow in 360 degrees. The exclusive chilling gel in the freezer, benefits in retaining the cooling throughout power cuts. It stops ice from melting and harming the foodstuffs.
This refrigerator has scientifically designed with air stronghold which deliberately placed vents let out fresh air into all the sections.
• It keeps foodstuffs fresh and gives proper cooling.
• It is a honeycomb design with the wetness control system.
• It possesses twelve days of garden freshness experience.
• The micro block avoids up to ninety-nine per cent bacterial development by the protection of fruits and vegetables a longer time.
• In case of a power cut, if the foodstuffs unfroze for a longer time than it is of no use.
Bring home this stunning design refrigerator and protect the foodstuffs.
2. Whirlpool-250L 5star Inverter single door refrigerator
Purchase onlineWhirlpool-250L 5star Inverter single door refrigerator under 30000INR
Star Inverter Sole Door Refrigerator, Straight Cool-Single Door Refrigerator 4 Star, Hardened Glass, Inverter Compressor Refrigerator!

This twin inverter machinery is a new group of inverter compressors for refrigerators. This technology safeguards that the compressor and fan can run at separate swiftness conferring on the load necessary by the fridge.
This single door refrigerator 4 star is made with toughened glass. Every single shelf has the strength to embrace the weight of up to 120 kg.The safe clean back is completely smooth safety cover for vital coils and cables. It looks neat, can be effortlessly wiped clean and delivers added strength.
• This refrigerator is cost-effective and energy competent.
• The new crescent door design product
• Intelligence inverter technology has used.
• It has up to seven days of garden cleanness and up to twelve hours of milk protection during power cuts
• It requires care by adjusting the temperature as and when needed.
Bring home this stunning design refrigerator and protect the foodstuffs.
3. Whirlpool 265L Frost Free Dooble Door Refrigerator
online order  for Whirlpool 265L Frost Free Dooble Door home Refrigerator
Star Inverter Frost-Free Twofold Door Freezer, Altered Double Door Refrigerator, High Technology Refrigerator!

Do you need a cooling machine for your bakery show, grab it now? This product is a four-star valued and three-star valued by BEE rating. This frost-free refrigerator has 265 litres volume hold. It offers a warranty of one year on the product with ten years on the compressor.
You may present this refrigerator to your mother or wife. They will be happy seeing it at home.
• It comes convertible freezer with five in one mode.
• It is applicable for all-season modes.
• It has intelligence inverter technology which links automatically to home inverter.
• It professionally adjusts the cooling and allowing to interior load.
• It decreases energy consumption and confirms outstanding performances.
• It asks for maintenance and servicing every year.
A high-demanding refrigerator that avoids dust from collecting the nearby components and protects them from hits.
4. Samsung 253L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator
Get Samsung 253L Frost Free Double Door home Refrigerator online delievery
Linear Dual-Door Refrigerator, Robust Design Refrigerator, Frost-Free Refrigerator!

This frost-free refrigerator with twofold door has an auto defrost to rest excess ice-build up. It is suitable for two-three family members. The size contains 253 litres.
This refrigerator comes with high dynamism efficiency. It has a digital inverter compressor with programmed alteration of speed in reaction to cooling demand, lower operation and practices less power. The layer type is of roll proof along with hardened glass.
• It is appropriate for relatives with two to three members and bachelors.
• It is applicable for chef mode, party mode and deep freeze mode.
• It has formed with adaptive intelligence technology.
• The microprocessor and sense load protect by weather conditions.
• The treatment designs make sure top cooling for long-lasting freshness.
• The only nuclear family may use this refrigerator with limited capacity.
It comes at a reasonable price. It can use for small hotels and homes.
5. Whirlpool-300L Frost free multi door Refrigerator
Find online Whirlpool-300L Frost free multi door homeRefrigerator delivery
Efficient Capacity Multi-Door Refrigerator, Frost-Free Triple-Door Refrigerator, Solid-Door Refrigerator!

This multi-fold door refrigerator holds an ultimate source of keeping the foodstuffs fresh. The voltage range can increase the reach of each door for cooling. The stabilizer can control the free operation and the cooling wall. The digital show can help you to check the temperature.
The three-door benefit is for better cooling holding. No odour mixing and up to 32L large storage space has provided.
• Its zeolite technology stops unnecessary ripening of fruits and vegetables in that way keeping them fresher for elongated.
• This product is moistness retention technology with air boosters and ice twister.
• The collector and stabilizer are for free process in use.
• It is a time-consuming job to read the instructions and do the settings.
It is the first high-class lowest drawer for fruits and vegetables. It is freshness provider with sixth sense lively fresh expertise.


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4. LG-Refrigerator Plumeria-Compressor 4.6/5
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10. Godrej-Direct-Cool-Refrigerator-1903-PTI 4.6/5

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