1. pTron Bassbuds Wireless 5.0 Headphones
Bass buds in-Ear Headphones, True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Lightweight Ear headphones!

Looking for good range in-ear headphones, come and acquire here. An in-ear wireless Bluetooth earbud provides you with stereo sound as well as bass. On-the earbuds deliver you various features like switches allow calls and tune control for a hands-free practice.
The Bluetooth range comprises 5.0, which give six hours of playback time. This headphone provides earbuds and prolonged playtime up to twenty hours with the charging case.
• It gives you the five hours of talk-time.
• It gives you one and a half hours of charging time.
• Also, a hundred hours of backup time has provided.
• While using the headphones for a long time you can harm your ear.

These wireless earphones with inherit microphone make sure the hands-free music. The call management is just pressing the various function keys on the earbuds to relish the hands-free experience.
2.Noise Shots NEO Upgraded Wireless Earbuds
Noise Shots NEO Upgraded Earbuds, Earbuds with Bluetooth, Truly Wireless Earbuds!
In this fast-moving world, everyone needs upgraded technology. The earbuds have designed for entertainment purpose only.
Every single earbud can use autonomously. You may use it from the far distance also. This product deals with six hours in earbuds. Also, twelve hours in charging case and earbuds charge total in two hours.

• It has Bluetooth form 5.0 with an array of ten meters and harmonious with the Android or iOS system.
• This earbud has IPX5 rating proposing safety from water, sweat and dust.
•Total two number of mics have provided.
• Features are following: voice helper support; 10m wireless variety; 400mah compact and portable charging cover, micro USB charging cable given; and up to 2 to 3 charge cycles.
• You may get noise disturbance or network issues at times.
Enjoy your music and calls with this beautifully designed earbuds.
3. CrossBeats EVOLVE 2021 Dual Dynamic Wireless Earbuds
Twin Dynamic Drivers Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth in-Ear Earphones, Noise Cancellation Built-in Mic Earbuds 24 Hours Playtime!

Breathe the sound, the performance style. The essence of greatest sound-making has sensibly housed into the most elegant watching. True Wireless earbuds come along with a dual driver and aptX HD. Become ready to pamper in flawless sound therapy.
These earbuds will latch effortlessly in the entry of your ear canal. It ensures the ease along with unmatched possessions.
• You get whole day powerful playtime.
• Go back and forth to work or train in the gym it will last.
• You may recap your playlist again and can still pay for forgetting to charge these earbuds.
• The influential playtime has sufficient essence to retain you amused throughout the day.
• It may harm your ear if kept for a longer time.
You may love to have this elegant style earbuds for you and your family members.
4. Mivi ThunderBeats Bluetooth Earphones
Thunder Beats Bluetooth Earphones, Wireless Earphones with Mic, HD Sound, Long Battery Bluetooth Headset with Magnetic Buds!

This earphone has designed to let nil get in-between you and your harmony. You may practice HD sound with highs but, depths with the thunder beats wireless earphones. You may take it anywhere like sweat or shine with it. This wireless Bluetooth earphone thrusts you more and grips exercise. The fluid-proof earphones catch around your neck when not in usage for the comfort of carrying.
• This earphones wireless provides you the seven hours of cordless life for when you are on the drive.
• It has seamless connectivity and double pairing.
• It comes with hottest Bluetooth permits up to 30 feet of range of connection.
• The earphones have intended to brace with two devices at a time.
• You may get pain while carrying it for a long time.
It looks trendy and attractive that has made from the finest materials that are certain to withstand in most circumstances.
5.OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z in-Ear Bluetooth Earphones
Bullets USB Earphones, Z in-Ear Earphones Bluetooth, Earphones Buds with Mic!

A well-matched product is suitable to use with all smartphones. It can charge for ten minutes and enjoy for ten hours on your cellphones. This wireless earphone comes furnished with the modern Bluetooth range of 5.0 chipset.
The wireless Z comes with bend charge technology. It has appropriate structures like a fast switch, speedy pair and attractive control. Pay attention to your music on your shots wireless Z is an entirely new audio experience.
• It gives you a long playtime of up to twenty hours with a complete charge.
• It is a long-lasting product.
• It gives you a great battery backup.
• It saves your time of charging it again and again.
• Sometimes, the connectivity may lose in between using it.
A unique wireless Bluetooth earphone can use as and when required. It is available at a cheaper rate.

BEST 10 headphones IN INDIA 2021

Products Rating    Prise
1. Rockerz-255-Pro-Technology-Resistance 4.6/5
2. Boult-Audio-Earphones-Sweatproof-Headphones 4.2/5
3. 255-Bluetooth-Wireless-Earphone-Immersive 4.3/5
4. OnePlus-Bullets-Wireless-Bluetooth-Earphones 4.6/5
5. Boult-Audio-Curve-Sweatproof-Headphones 4.1/5
6. PTron-Bassbuds-Lite-Bluetooth-Headphones 4.1/5
7. Airdopes-201-Wireless-Resistance-Assistant 4.3/5
8. HolyHigh 5-0-Sweatproof-Bluetooth-Headphone 4.0/5
9. 255-Bluetooth-Wireless-Earphone-Immersive 4.4/5
10. Realme-RMA108-Realme-Buds-Wireless 4.6/5

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