1. PowerMax Motorized Electric Treadmill
Motorized Electric Treadmill, Free Installation LED Display Treadmill, BMI Spring Resistance Running Machine for Workout and Home!

Now you are just a phone call away from maintaining fitness. You may install this unique product from a video call after bringing it.
All things are processing online in this lockdown scenario. So, fitness is an important aspect to look over. This treadmill is the perfect selection for every one of us. You may take care of the health of your family in this COVID phase by bringing home this treadmill.
• It performs well with easy accessibility.
• The design and look are user friendly.
• The delivery of this product is fast.
• It needs less maintenance.
• It occupies a long space of the area.
Now keep away laziness and welcome the treadmill inside your place. It looks after your health. It is a perfect item for boosting up your immune system.
2. Lifelong FitPro Motorized Treadmill
Motorized Treadmill Workouts, 10km/hrs Running Machine, Treadmill Workout by Walk, Run and Jog at Home!

As we all are aware, we have to stay safe at home due to COVID phase. Everyone at home is exploring new cuisine and preparing it. Do you think it will stop the weight to increase? The answer to it is no.
Here you have to bring a piece of workout equipment to monitor the weight. A treadmill provides you with the best of running, jogging and walking without going out.
• The instructions and design are user friendly.
• This product gives you three year of motor warranty.
• It creates less noise while using it.
• It is foldable and easy to access.
• Sometimes, it becomes difficult to control the speed.
No need for thinking much, make it a habit of taking care of your health. The treadmill can help you to maintain the weight.
3. PowerMax Fitness Motorized Treadmill
readmill with Free Installation Support, Home Custom and Automatic BMI Treadmill, Motorized Treadmill with Auto Slant!

This treadmill safeguards the performance for jogging, running or walking in the comfort of your home. This electric treadmill with little noise motor has aimed for a home environment. You can choose different speed built on your bodily condition and exercise level.
The various functions of LCD can help to track the performance. It includes the time-speed, distance and calories of a person using it.
• It helps to burn calories more efficiently.
• It programmed 12 different running settings.
• You can select the best plan which suits your requirement.
• Due to manual settings, people avoid using the treadmill at home.
This product delivers a superior and active home treadmill workout. You could put your pad or mobile phone on the rack and speak with your friends or watch shows when you work out.
4. PowerMax Fitness Pre-installed Motorized Treadmill,
Treadmill for Home use and Semi-Automatic Lubrication, Motorised Multi-Function Treadmill, Treadmill Heavy Hike!

Now fitness is not away from your fingertips. It is easy to check the exercise status from mobile applications. Nowadays, the treadmill has become the trend in homes as well as offices. The companies are now acquiring treadmills at their gyms for employee’s health concerns.
At all times, select a treadmill that has a user weight capacity of at least 20 kilograms more than your current weight. Subsequently, the control weight increases during running and, you can adjust the speed accordingly.
• There are pre-sets given for planning the workout as per the stamina.
• You may strengthen your body while doing workouts
• It may injure you if not attentive while running.
It is worth to buy this product comes with many health benefits. There are many options available, but you should choose a treadmill as per your needs.
5. Healthgenie traidmill Per Home use
Treadmill for Home Use and Fitness Enthusiast, Electric Treadmill LED Display, Spring Resistance Running Machine for Max Pro-Workout!

This treadmill welcomes any level user like from beginners to athletes. It has a great LCD screen with the blue rear light. It has 12 pre-set programs like time, speed, distance, heart rate, calories, BMI fat function and many more.
It minimizes the risk of injury to the joints and stretch system. It minimizes the bounce effect of the running system. It is worthy for the surroundings and appropriate for the users.
• You may pre-set the exercise level as per your needs.
• It builds up the stamina.
• It strengthens your body.
• Sometimes, it takes more time for setting.
A perfect package to use by every age group. It comes with the easy installation process and makes you feel comfortable.


Products Rating    Prise
1. Sparnod-STH-5300-Automatic-Treadmill 4.6/5
2. Fitkit-FT98-Motorized-Treadmill- 4.2/5
3. Powermax-Fitness-TDM-98-Motorized-Treadmill 4.3/5
4. Lifelong-LLTM09-Motorized-HealthifyMe-Treadmill 4.6/5
5. Fitkit-FT200M-Lubrication-Multifunction-Treadmill 4.1/5
6. Powermax-Fitness-MFT-410-Manual-Treadmill 4.1/5
7.Fitkit-FT100M-Plus-Motorized-Treadmill 4.3/5
8. Cockatoo-CTM-04-Motorised-Multi-Function-Treadmill 4.0/5
9.Sparnod-Fitness-STH-3000-Foldable-Treadmill 4.4/5
10. Powermax-Fitness-TDM-98-Motorized-Treadmill 4.6/5

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