1. LG-6.2Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine
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Fully-Automatic Best Loading Washing Machine, Automatic Highest Loading Washing Machine, Inverter Washing Machine!

If you are looking for the best washing machine, your search is over now. With the fully-automatic top-weight, washing machine is inexpensive with excessive wash superiority. It is very effortless to use.
This washing machine gives you a quick wash with high-class dryer. A perfect gift for the persons you think. It disinfects the internal and outer tub for stopping unpleasant odour of tub.
• The size of this washing machine is 6.2 Kg.
• It is suitable for bachelors as well as couples.
• It has higher spin quickness which helps in quicker drying.
• Energy-saving technology has used.
• Its innovative waterproof motor does not rust.
• It is the greatest hard-wearing one in its association
• The person who is not tech-savvy cannot use this Washing Machine.
The best selling product is high in demand for cleaning and drying your clothes.
2. Bosch 6.5Kgfully Automatictop loading washing machine
Fully-Automatic Loading Washing Machine, Aqua Energy Water Machine, Softener Washing Machine!

Nowadays, all want to save time. So bring home this high technology washing machine and feel the difference. It delivers you the eight different wash programmers and eight water levels for cleaning. It offers you high safety along with the child-proof lock.
An automatic container stops on cover first throughout working. The distance electrical supply cord helps for hot and cold water intake.
• It has a steel drum for washing.
• It has a single touch start and soft closing lid.
• A washing machine comes with holding bulk capacity.
• It developed the spin rapidity and quicker the drying time.
• If anyone does not have a service centre in their city, machine servicing can be a delay.
It is a long-lasting product to use. It has received very nice reviews. You may use it at your fingertips to operate.
3. LG-7kg 5Star Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine
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Star Smart Washing Machine, Inverter Fully-Automatic Washing Machine, Top Loading Washing Machine!

If you are in search of the best washing machine in town, you may select the fully automatic washing machine. It has made up of sturdy substances. It possesses high power along with the water resistance. You may decide your washing program and set it as per the requirement.
An ideal gift for your loved ones. Those are fond of cleaning clothes in the washing machine.
• The drum seeming generates a calm water pad that stops damage to cloths.
It offers 2D wash system which helps in washing and rinsing cycle.
It practices a shower method that confirms thorough soaking and a cleaner wash.
• It can be a difficult task for the cleaning system.
It has expertise float ball valve which drains the water while storing the detergent inside. This skill averts wastage and improves the wash.
4. Haier 6.5kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading-Washing Machine
Online price of Haier 6.5kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading-Washing Machine
Top Loading Washing Machine, High-Class Washing Machine, Automatic usable Washing Machine!

Make your mind with easy-going techniques deliver to you. A fantastic washing machine provides you with advance technology for cleaning the garments. It offers you the best features for making the task easy for you.
It requires less water consumption with drainage of excessive water. It is the high-class equipment in usage. Everyone loves to save time with this automatic washing machine.
• This automatic washing machine is a hard-wearing and long-lasting product.
• You can use for home as well as many commercial places.
• It will protect your clothes and saves time.
• It cleans the affected areas of your cloth and provides the shine back.
• You have to go through various levels like cleaning and drying separately.
The weighty motors used in this automatic washing machine make it simple to wash. You may easily wash the heavy laundry like linens, curtains etc. as well as ordinary clothes.
5.IFB 6.5kg Fully-AutomaticTop Loading Washing Machine
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Upper Loaded Washing Machine, Fully Automatic Washing Machine, Top usable Washing Machine!

•A LED display screen is the novel range of top loader washing machines. It may accompaniment your home décor well. You will surely find them calm to use too. The aqua energy and aqua spa will give the clothes a great texture.
This washing machine provides you with the auto reward vending machine and the bleach dispenser. It comes with the plaster tower filter and crescent moon drum.
• It is a completely-automatic top-loading washing machine.
• It can contain 6.5 kg capacity clothes at a time.
• The consistency of the water level is highest.
• You may select the water inlet either of the one: hot, warm and cold.
• It is not user friendly to wash clothes.
• You have to bear extra expenses on electricity.
If you decide to minimize your load with this automatic washing machine, bring it at your washing area to enhance the look.


Products Rating    Prise
1. Intex-Semi-Automatic-Loading-Washing 4.6/5
2. Whirlpool Automatic-ROYAL-PLUS Washing machine 4.2/5
3. Panasonic Automatic- Powerful Washing machine 4.3/5
4. Whirlpool Automatic-Whitemagic Washing machine 4.6/5
5. Haier-Automatic-Loading-Washing machine 4.1/5
6. Lifelong-Fully-Automatic-Loading Washing machine 4.1/5
7. Panasonic Automatic-Powerful Washing machine 4.3/5
8. Godrej-Fully-Automatic-WT-EON Washing machine 4.0/5
9.Onida-Designer-Automatic-Washing Washing machine 4.4/5
10. Whirlpool Automatic-Superb Washing machine 4.6/5

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